JSC "Slonim Cardboard and Paper Plant" Albertin"
Belarus, 231793 (zip code), Slonim; 1, Fabrichnaya St. Tel.: (+375 1562) 4-51-04,Fax:4-51-03, E-mail: Albertin@mail.grodno.by
JSC "Slonim Cardboard and Paper Plant" Albertine "





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О предприятии

The Open Joint Stock Company “Slonim Cardboard and Paper Mill“ Albertin ”is the first enterprise of the pulp and paper industry in Belarus.

For more than 200-year-old history the joint-stock company has passed many key stages of development. Today "Albertin" is one of the largest enterprises of the paper industry in Belarus, with high technologies and excellent quality that proves to be true by the quality control system corresponding to the requirement of international standard ISO-9001-2001. The goods with the trade mark "Albertin" are widely known both on internal, and on external markets.

Key activities of our enterprise:

• Cardboard manufacturing
• Paper manufacturing
• The goods of sanitary-hygienic appointment manufacturing

We offer more than 120 kinds of goods:

• Cardboard - production of boxes; for the manufacture of sleeves; waterproof; glued; for flat layers of corrugated cardboard;
• Paper - packing; for internal corrugated cardboard layers; paraffined; wrapping;
• Products - group of the goods of sanitary-hygienic appointment; office supplies; various kinds of a box cut;
• Cardboard and paper cartridges;
• Protective cardboard corners;
• Corrugated board and boxes.